What Makes A Brand


When we think of brands we see them as physical, lifeless objects. But our behaviors say differently. We connect with brands in ways beyond their visual and physical limitation. People relate to and build connections with brands around them, connections such as love and loyalty. And to achieve this status, we need to think of brands differently.

To build a successful brand we must build it on a strong foundation: a branding strategy. And what makes a brand successful is a consistent adaptation of its strategy. The strategy goes through an extensive process, from finding the product functional and emotional benefits, creating the brand market position, building the brand personality, to finding the brand essence. Such process brings clarity and consistency to the brand management plan. This allows the customers to understand how a brand fits in their lives, and helps them connect to brands, and eventually turn customers to loyal customers.

But building a brand that connects with customers is not the purpose it is created to serve. Creating a lovable brand is a good thing, but creating a lovable brand that allows the organization to reach its marketing goals is the right thing. It is important to understand and prioritize your marketing goals before building a brand.

When a brand is complete, it will be communicating four components. Those four components are what make a brand. The four brand components are Product, Organization, Person, and Symbol (the logo is part of the brand as a symbol component).