The Planet Caravan

The Planet Caravan was the first gourmet food truck in Bahrain, touring in a 60's Airstream trailer, serving american sandwiches and spreading festive vibes in Bahrain. MKT Benchmark role was to build the brand (strategically and visually) to communicate its fun and festive spirit. The challenge in building a brand is not only communicating the message to the audience, but also understand the clients requirements. The Planet Caravan needed a flexible menu, so we designed the packaging to help the client introduce new products or discontinue products without packaging waste. Once the brand is developed, we were granted the job of producing its social media content, as part of brand maintenance. Because the brand was developed with a detailed brand strategy, the creative team had a clear direction regarding social media content production. The brand was clear, and the content communication was successful.

Brand Development

March 2015

The Planet Caravan