Blaze Burgers Brand – Dubai

Since 2013, MKT Benchmark has been involved in developing and maintaining Blaze Burgers brand and brand personality from a strategic perspective. As Bahrains favorite burger place grows, we at MKT Benchmark have worked together with Blaze Burgers to develop concept further and launch it in The Walk JBR in Dubai. As we helped developing the brand personality, we developed a visual direction that allows the brand personality to communicate and tell its story. The brand, Blaze, is honest, original, and, like how the food is prepared, likes to do things from scratch. The brand visual being driven from the brand personality, reflects items that are crafted in the most practical way by Blaze Burgers. The challenge is to maintain an authentic brand through experiencing Blaze Burgers Dubai, from the moment you enter the store until the second you use the wet wipes after finishing your delicious meal. To maintain an authentic brand experience, it is vital to look at minor details in design and production.      

Brand Development

April 2016

Blaze Burgers